Films are more than entertainment. They inspire, inform, and are part of the contemporary cultural creativity. Some of the films are works of art. For some people, films are a job and a career opportunity.


FRKA is an intensive SUMMER FILM WORKSHOP in KRAGUJEVAC that teaches students all aspects of film making, as well as the development of film art and related forms of creativity.

Other activities


In addition to the Summer Film Workshop FRKA, the International Jazz Festival has been organized for almost two decades , as well as the ŠUMADIJA INTERNACIONAL FILM FESTIVAL


In 2018, the city of Kragujevac presented its first KRAGUJEVAC STREET CINEMA event, a project that is closely linked to FRKA’s film workshop. The city and its inhabitants thus had the opportunity to meet the authors of cult films of Serbian Cinematography and to jointly discuss relevant aspects of the motion pictures subject.

Our creative and entrepreneurial activity can be also recognised through numerous film and TV performances, with some of the Serbian titles being the following - ‘Srpski junaci srednjeg veka’, ‘Žućko, priča o Radivoju Koraću’, ‘Ringeraja", ‘Ko spava kod orla i dva lava?’, ‘Dašak’, ‘12 gnevnih ljudi’, ‘Leteti’, ‘Sanjajući more’.

In our development programme there are also projects MRAK - Kragujevac Music Workshop, and Kragujevac Culture Laboratory.

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Management of the Workshop
Nenad Nešović -
Executive director

Manager of the Workshop

Ana Jevtić -

Press releases, promotional activities

Uroš Stanisavljević -

Dubravka Nikolić -
including IT sector
Darko Manić -
Graphic design 
Stefan Nešković -